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Marine electrification

Many fossil-fuelled ships can be retrofitted to run wholly or partially on electricity, including the use of shore power in ports. SHG Energy offers customised turnkey solutions that take the hassle out of marine electrification:
–    Eship™: We handle retrofit electrification projects for your vessels, taking responsibility for all aspects of identification, design, installation, and deployment
–    Shore Power™: We deliver onshore power supply solutions and charging systems for any port and vessel type
–    Containerised battery and fuel cell solutions: We deliver battery and fuel cell solutions sized to your requirements and fitted into class type approved containers that are easy to install

One call
does it all

SHG Energy is part of SH Group, an international company in the development, production, and servicing of hydraulic and mechanical system solutions for the offshore, marine, wind, and industrial sectors. This gives us the experience, capacity, and knowledge to handle all aspects of your project, from project management through design and engineering to steel, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical works.
We partner with carefully selected third-party vendors that complement our in-house service offering and expand our capacity when needed. With SHG Energy, you get a complete marine electrification supply chain from one source – one call does it all.

Benefits of marine electrification

  • Reduced emissions and noise at sea and in port
  • Compliance with environmental targets and emissions regulations
  • Ability to bid for tenders that require emission reductions and control
  • Operation in Emission Control Areas
  • Optimised diesel/HFO engine operation through peak shaving
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Longer maintenance intervals and service lifetime
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns