custom-made Handling equipment and Cube™ Mission modules

The Cube™ is a modular system developed to host and deploy equipment. All modules use the footprint of shipping containers and are loaded into the side of platforms with mission bays.

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Equipment solutions

Below is a selection of equipment solutions either
custom-made or as a part of The Cube™ system.

The Cube™ Mobile Side loader
Modular systems enable rapid reconfiguration, increases operational effect and present
adversaries with more dilemmas. The Module Loader solution supports a platform designed to handle Cubes™
and enable the platform to change modules within each mission bay areas.
The Cube™ Module Mover
System consisting of 4 wheel sets and an electric mover. Wheel sets can be attached
to a standard ISO shopping container at the lower corners. Max gross of the container is 10 Ton.
The Cube™ Boat Crandle
Slipway tailor-made for drones and USV. Designed and produced by SH Defence.
The Cube™ Mine Laying system
Semi-automatic, fully automatic or manual handling depending on doctrines
at sea combined with easy and safe logistics on land.
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Crafting Movement and Innovation

Discover our advanced mechanical solutions, expertly crafted for efficient movement below and above water, across borders. Welcome to precision engineering redefining functionality.

We do things in-house

At SH Defence, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive
in-house facilities. 

  • Engineering Department
  • Steel and smith workshop
  • Hydraulic and mechanical workshop
  • Electrical and Automation workshop
  • Assembly workshop
  • Test facilities

Future-Proof Maritime Mission Modularity

Revolutionizing Maritime Mission Modularity. Transform virtually any platform into a future-proof, multi-mission powerhouse with over 150 interchangeable modules tailored for the complete spectrum of modern warfare in all four dimensions.

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This is how it works

Discover a paradigm shift in naval capabilities worldwide, where adaptability and interchangeability define next-generation maritime platform design.

The Cube™ System empowers leading navies with swift mission assignment and seamless interchangeability across platforms. Achieved through plug-and-play mission modules and a sophisticated handling system, it revolutionizes maritime operations with unparalleled efficiency.

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Our project managers have relevant backgrounds from the Offshore, Marine and Wind industries. That allows Us to put the right person on the job, often acting as your single point of contact. Our strategic business setup enables us to stay competitive and offer reliable support and service to our customers worldwide, 24/7.