Benefits of marine electrification

Maximum payload, maximum benefits

On board a fishing vessel, space is a key factor – particularly on deck where there is zero room for more equipment in addition to cranes, winches, and so on. However, you can still retrofit your fishing vessel for electrical operation by fitting batteries below deck and still leave room for maximum payload and sufficient crew accommodation. You can use the batteries for peak shaving and load levelling at sea, running your engines and gensets at their optimal duty point and preventing gensets from starting to cover transitory demand spikes. In ports and on fishing banks covered by emissions regulations, you can also run your vessel on pure battery power.
Batteries below deck can be charged from onshore charging solutions and/or from the onboard engines or generators. Charging sockets can be fitted to port or starboard, or both, and the power management and automation systems of your fishing vessel are upgraded to enable full or partial electric operation as per your requirements.