Maritime handling system and deck equipment

We manufacture and supply custom-made equipment for the marine, offshore, wind and defence industries.

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Unleashing the future with revolutionary launch and recovery systems

We manufacture and supply custom-made equipment for the marine,
offshore, wind and defence industries.

ROV Handling systems and oceanographic research equipment

Compact LARS

Complete LARS™ on a 20ft footprint Ocean Observer Winch, DPL A-frame, HPU and control system

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Dual winch

Ocean Observer w/RALW, HPU and control system on one 20ft footprint, with two winches in one skid for “redundance” operation.

LPL A-Frame (5.7 m. tall)

LPL A-Frame for towing application – Wide-angle A-Frame equipped with special docking head for interface to cable plough. 35T SWL at DF3 for the splash zone and SWL 75T at DF1.4 in the inboard towing position.

Oceanographic Research

Our marine systems and deck equipment excel in meeting diverse research, seismic, hydrographic, construction, dredging, and oil exploration needs. Designed, produced, and tested in Denmark for optimal quality control, ensuring reliability and efficiency, even in challenging sea conditions.

Deep Sea research equipment for mounting on naval inspection vessels for artic use. The design temperature is -30°C to +40°C.

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Moonpool systems

Designed for seamless deployment of underwater vehicles, sensors, and equipment, our moonpool serves as a portal to the mysteries of the deep.

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We make things move

Our intricately crafted mechanical machinery and systems, meticulously constructed from scratch, facilitate the seamless transportation of people and equipment—whether plunging beneath the waterline, traversing diverse waters and borders, or soaring above the ground.

Masters in Launch and Recovery Systems

Our product line Sepro™ has got one the most comprehensive
product portfolios in the market for LARS (Launch & Recovery
Systems) and has an extensive experience and knowledge within
design, engineering, project management and production.


The Boat-In-A-Box™ davit system is a fully insulated and air-heated lifesaving boat system.

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Creativity meets practical

Our blade mover systems is created to move mill wings very easy and suitable for all types of wings

Electric LARS

Green future is here! We have created a LARS system based on electric motors.