Handling Equipement

SH Group offers turnkey system deliveries, including system interation and single-product deliveries.

ROV Handling Systems and Oceangraphic research

Our product line Sepro™ has one the most comprehensive product portfolios in the market for LARS (Launch and Recovery Systems). It has extensive experience and knowledge in design, engineering, project management and production.

Machine shop

Complete LARS™ on a 20ft footprint Ocean Observer Winch, DPL A-frame, HPU and control system

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Dual winch

Ocean Observer w/RALW, HPU and control system on one 20ft footprint, with two winches in one skid for “redundance” operation.

LPL A-Frame (5.7 m. tall)

LPL A-Frame for towing application – Wide-angle A-Frame equipped with special docking head for interface to cable plough. 35T SWL at DF3 for the splash zone and SWL 75T at DF1.4 in the inboard towing position.


Choice of equipment solutions, whether customized or as part
of the SH Group offerings.

Container Solutions

Low freight cost with sea approved ISO containers

Dive system handling

Twin-bell diving system

Compact twin LARS

L-frame is designed for a tiny hangar. Its low and compact dimension allow the vessel’s top hangar doors to be closed during operation.

15T Cable Tensioner

Manual/auto mode. Choose from over / under spooling,
and right/left twisted. Data storage on length, tension and
speed from WinCC Audit Trail, non-editable file.
PLC (Siemens) controlled

Trencher System

A-Frame (SWL-15T) LARS Trencher System.