Benefits of marine electrification

Optimised operation of your main engines

You can optimise the efficiency of your tanker operation by installing onboard batteries that maximise the efficiency of the engines and gensets. By using batteries for peak shaving and load levelling, you can run your engines and gensets at their optimum duty point, reducing emissions and prolonging service intervals. You can also handle transitory demand spikes from the batteries instead of starting up one or more gensets. While fully electric operation is not possible, given the average port-to-port distance on tanker routes, battery operation is possible during docking manoeuvres, in narrow straits, or when sailing in emission control areas.
Tankers can be fitted with onboard batteries below deck or in A60 deckhouses. Batteries can be charged from onshore charging solutions and/or from the onboard engines or generators. Charging sockets can be fitted to port or starboard, or both, and the power management and automation systems of the tanker are upgraded to enable full or partial electric operation as per your requirements.