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SHG Energy contributes to more sustainable shipping by offering turnkey marine electrification solutions for ships and ports. We specialise in battery hybrid propulsion solutions, shore power systems for vessels of any size, and batteries and fuel cells in class type approved shipping containers.
We know that operating requirements vary widely between various ships, ports, and assignments. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the marine sector, and we work with you to define and develop the solution that suits you. With SHG Energy, you get a complete marine electrification supply chain from one source – one call does it all.

Part of SH Group

We are part of SH Group , an international company in the development, production, and servicing of hydraulic and mechanical system solutions for the offshore, marine, wind and industrial sectors. SH Group has extensive experience in steel, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical works, plus the expertise, capacity, and knowledge to handle all aspects of your project, from project management through design and engineering to commissioning and after-sales service. We partner with carefully selected third-party vendors that complement our in-house service offering and expand our capacity when needed.


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