Combine the need for electricity with the need for operational flexibility

Corvus Energy Co-Develops
First-Of-Its-Kind Marine Battery Container With SH Group

Marine electrification is a key factor in reducing carbon emissions from shipping, and it ceased to be a pipe dream long ago. Marine-approved battery technology from market-leading companies such as Corvus Energy is available today, allowing designers, system integrators, and shipowners to work towards greener shipping through strategies such as peak shaving, spinning reserve, and load levelling.
However, the fact that battery technology is available does not necessarily make it easy to install and operate. How can shipowners go electric without taking vessels out of service for months of complicated and costly retrofit work? And is it possible to combine the need for electricity with the need for operational flexibility? With the BOB concept offered by Corvus Energy, the answer to both questions is yes!
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“Knowing exactly what the customer needed was a great help to us,” he says. Together with Project Engineer Rasmus Madsen from SH Group and in close cooperation with Corvus Energy, he designed a prototype 20’ shipping container that would match Corvus Energy’s requirements and DNV GL class requirements”

Martin Jensen, Service Project Manager at SH Group

I think our cooperation has been very good. We had weekly online meetings throughout the project period to discuss technical details, and we’ve been able to focus on the plan and carry it out

Ove Løberg, Vice President Projects, Corvus Energy

The most important benefit for us has been
gaining knowledge and competences. It helps us understand customer requirements and deliver solutions that the customer actually needs

​Gunnhild Hystad, Technical Sales Engineer, Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy Battery Container

You get a complete, ready for use product. You don’t have to buy batteries, the container, and other systems separately and worry about the
integration yourself. It’s all ready to go, and this is the first of its kind with this capacity in the world​

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